Luna’s Fund

A 23 year old first time mother who is grieving through the letters of a keyboard for her beautiful daughter, Luna Valentina Conroy who was born sleeping on the 29/11/2017.

This blog is raw, emotional and real, it is hard, descriptive and uncomfortable but most importantly it is here to help every single family who has been or will be affected by a neonatal death or stillbirth and to speak openly and honestly for those to try and understand our struggle. 💔

“Our charity Luna’s Fund stands for ‘Love & Unity for Neonatal & Stillborns.'”

The charity’s aim is to offer an array of services and financial freedom for families to use, in order to create new memories & to look forward to their future. We have constructed these ideas based on our own experience to help soften the grieving process for future families.

Examples of our services: 🌈

• Redecoration of the baby’s nursery for parents who choose that this room is too painful

• A therapeutic getaway to help both the mind recovering from trauma and the body recovering from labour

• Food shopping deliveries to help reduce the lack of appetite whilst promoting nutritional goodness; especially to avoid facing the reality of grocery shopping and social environments

The long term goal for Luna’s Fund’s is to open a safe haven retreat for families to enjoy and create new memories; one being in the UK, ‘Luna’s Lodge’ & the other being in the sun, ‘Luna’s Legacy’.

Memories, money & time have been crucial in our recovery process and it is important that all grieving families have access to these. In our daughters memory, it is our mission to make this happen, sooner, rather than later.

Losing a baby is probably the most awkward subject on the planet to discuss, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The more we share, the more we speak openly and honestly, and the more we confront this heartbreaking and unbearable issue head on, the sooner the taboo around a baby death will become normalised.

We’ve learnt during this time, that one thing is for sure, Luna was born into this crazy world to make a difference and to impact people’s lives.

This blog is only the beginning…

Aimee x


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